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KTM 390 Adventure Accessories and Parts
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Top 10 Accessories & Mods for KTM 390 Adventure

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KTM 390 adventure has been launched as one of the most affordable road trip motorcycles for serious enthusiasts or professionals who are looking for a lightweight beast. KTM 390 Adventure comes with dual sports capability with plenty of electronic and physical features to suit both on-road and off-road terrains. However, you may definitely want to do basic customizations to suit your needs. The Top 10 Accessories & Mods for KTM 390 Adventure includes the most commonly installed accessories and parts.

390adv can go fast on the highways and packs plenty of power to get you uphill at ease. There are class-leading electronic features that are not available in entry-level premium adventure tourers.

Fully Loaded KTM 390 Adventure with soft saddle bags and accessories.
Fully Loaded KTM 390 Adventure with soft saddlebags & giant Knuckle Guard.
Photo by @giantloopmoto 

Here are the Top Modifications for KTM 390 Adventure Owners:

  1. Handlebar Risers: For people with shorter reach, a handlebar riser is useful for comfortable ride quality. It helps to keep your arms straight when saddling. Negotiating rough off-road terrain becomes easier with correct riding posture. They come in various sizes including 1 or 2 inches. The clutch cable may need to be replaced (with that of Bajaj Avenger or RE Himalayan clutch cable) in case of 2inch risers to loosen the tension.
  2. Windscreen: Windshield is important for all long rides especially on highways. The windscreen on the headlight prevents windblasts from directly hitting your upper torso and creates a streamlined airflow thus easing the ride. Constant wind-blast on the body makes the rider tired and also creates whistling sounds distracting the rider. The windscreen that comes on KTM 390 Adventure is slightly shorter than what it should have been. Another trick that has been used by some owners is changing the angle of the windscreen. Apparently, it works well. However, it would be better to get a dedicated taller windscreen. Some of the owners have also used windshield extender and it works well too except for some vibration at the top.
  3. Crash Guards: The crash guard provided by KTM is fairly well designed and does the job in most cases. However, upgrading the crash guard is desired if you go for long road-trips. A better crash guard may also save your engine and tank from bumps. Always choose a crash guard that comes from a reliable fabricator otherwise it may cause more damage in the event of a crash. The points of contact between the crash guard and your bike are important and should be well designed. There are two popular options with different designs. One is from Zana and the other from Fantasia.
  4. Saddle Stay: Saddle stay is a useful addition for medium and long-distance rides. It keeps the saddlebags on the rear safe from hitting the wheels. Make sure that your saddlebags and saddle stay are compatible.
  5. Tail Rack: Tail Rack is a useful addition for longer rides, especially if you are on a road trip with a pillion rider. It creates extra space at the rear end to fasten a bag, fuel can, or tail box. Always pick a tail rack and box combination for compatibility. Not all tail racks and boxes are compatible with each other. There are fabricators like CarbonRacingInc which are making complete pannier and tail rack solutions for KTM390Adventure.
  6. Engine Bashplate: Bashplate or Engine guards protects your engine from damage in rocky terrain. It’s a must for your off-road adventures. Engine guard plays a protective role during hard landings and skids.
  7. Screen Guard: The fogging issue has been reported in a lot of KTM 390 Adventure bikes. It’s quite common and goes on its own. To prevent it use a screen guard or complete protector for your console. Currently, there’s only one complete solution from accessory maker Adventure Conquest.
  8. Side Stand Base Plate Extender: The default side stand has a smaller base and the bike may fall off when standing on loose soil. 390 Adventure does not come with a center stand so it makes sense to boost the base of the side stand. Side stand extenders fit into the existing stand and make the bike more stable.
  9. GPS Phone Mount: The head part of KTM 390 Adventure comes with an integrated GPS mount. But most riders prefer the smartphone for their navigation and there’s no need for a dedicated GPS if you aren’t going on a cross country or off the grid trip. That said you will need a phone mounting bracket that either goes on top of that GPS bracket or your handlebar. Putting your smartphone right above the console is more ergonomic than on the handlebar. It keeps your focus on the road while quickly glancing over for directions. BOBO Claw-Grip Waterproof Aluminium Mount with Fast Charging is the best value for money product.
  10. Aux Lights and Hazard Module: Light throw becomes an important part of safety when riding after sunset. Poorly lit roads often throw unwarranted hazards which may be avoided with powerful auxiliary lights. It is advisable to not ride after dark as the highway roads belong to heavy transport vehicles after sunset. But you must have enough light as well as a hazard module installed for safety. Hazard flashers are particularly useful while riding in foggy weather or negotiating through misty mountain roads. There are numerous plug and play hazard modules available now for KTM 390 Adventure. Prefer good brand aux and hazard lights as cheaper lights may fry your wires and blow fuse. Consider adding a relay switch for added safety. There are cheaper alternatives like Autofy but better go for a mid-range aux light like MadDog Scout-X.

You can add more mods to suit your needs and riding style. Find a complete list of available accessories and mods for KTM 390 Adventure here. It also contains links to all the sources for the required accessories.

Trunkenpolz & Ernst Kronreif

KTM stands for Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen.

KTM AG is an Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer owned by Pierer Mobility AG and Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto.

Once you are done with basic customization, you may add advance level customization to further refine your experience. The Top 10 Accessories & Mods for KTM 390 Adventure includes the most commonly installed accessories and parts by the owner community. What more should be on the list? Let us know in comments below.

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