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How To Get North Sikkim Bike Permit – Step By Step Explained

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I recently did a motorbike trip to North Sikkim and got through the entire process of getting permits by myself. In this blog post, you will find how to get a North Sikkim bike permit – Step By Step Explained. There are lots of websites that contain outdated information and make it confusing for bike travelers about the permit process. In this post, I will explain step by step all you need to know for getting bike permits including where, how, and when.

Background for this road trip

I found North Sikkim to be beautiful beyond my imagination. With this informative website in mind, I have been doing many bike trips across Northern India, particularly in the Himalayas. So far, I have done two 5000km+ motorbike expeditions and many 1000km+ motorbike trips in Nepal and Vietnam. This time I choose Sikkim. This trip was going to be a total of around 2000km. I have made trips to Darjeeling so decided to skip it this time and head to Gangtok after making an overnight stop in Kalimpong.

I recently did another trip to a hidden jewel in North Sikkim called ‘Dzongu‘. You can read about this less-known but incredibly beautiful place here.

I am skipping the irrelevant details and keeping this post specifically about getting permits for North Sikkim or East Sikkim and some additional tips. To start with I would like to tell you that forget about all the permit terms like Inner line Permit (ILP), Restricted Area Permit (RLP), etc as they will just confuse you and are of no use. Simply put, you need a permit if you want to visit North Sikkim and East Sikkim. North Sikkim is shown below on the Map. East Sikkim includes Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathula India-China Border, and Zuluk – Old Silk road with beautiful hairpin bends.

North Sikkim Bike Permit Process and Details

Before you take a trip to Sikkim, look at possible route options that will facilitate and help you plan your road trip and journey. There are not many alternate routes in the mountain though.

North Sikkim Bike Trip Route Map - Lachen and Lachung
North Sikkim – Gangtok > Mangan > Chungthang =< Lachen to Gurudongmar Lake & Lachung to Zero Point

Sikkim Geography

Sikkim is a state with a sensitive International Border, particularly with China. Tourism in the North and East of Sikkim is regulated and monitored. If you have looked at the Sikkim Map you will understand how close is the North and East Parts of Sikkim to the China Border.

North Sikkim includes Road to Chungthang from Gangtok from where there are two separate roads for Lachen (leading to Gurudongmar Lake) and Lachung (leading to Yumthang Valley, Yumesamdong, and Zero Point). Make sure you fill up your fuel tank in Chungthang as there were no petrol pumps further up on the way. The distance is not a lot, but constant high altitude climbs take a toll on the fuel efficiency of your motorbike. Almost all roads are excellent, except at the high altitudes. The Border Roads Organization (BRO) maintains the roads. See map for reference. I will explain all the preparations needed for the North Sikkim Trip in another post.

The town of Gangtok is located on the slope of hills surrounded by mountains. If you are good with your legs, then you can just walk around from one place to another. For those who can’t, there are plenty of local taxis plying around in all directions. The main Taxi stand is called ‘Ranka’ taxi stand and is situated very close to the famous walk-only road called MG Marg in Gangtok.

tourism permit office gangtok sikkim

Earlier permits for North Sikkim and East Sikkim were issued at the Manan Bhavan, Gangtok. This information is old and most of the websites and blogs did not update new information which leaves most travelers and bikers confused. The permits are not issued at Manan Bhavan anymore. [Manan Bhawan was originally a cultural center but has been standing as an administrative complex now].

Location and Documents Required for Permit

All the permits are issued on the same premise. You will not need to wander from post to pillar to get your permits. Ensure that you carry original documents for hassle-free approvals.

Location for obtaining Permits

2018 onwards, All tourism-related permits, including bike permit is now issued at the Tourism Permit Office near MG Marg located on the premise of Sikkim Public Service Commission. Take the stair downwards (from MG Road entrance) and you will find Tourism Permit Office.  [Address: Sikkim Public Service Commission, Old Tourism Complex, M. G. Marg, Arithang, Gangtok]. Here is the link for the exact location on Google Maps. Make sure that you apply for the permits a day in advance, keeping one day in hand to collect the permit and get all other formalities and inspections done on time. For example, if you plan to leave on Wednesday then apply for a permit on Monday itself.

sikkim tourism permit new office
Tourism Permit and Check Post Permit offices are located here. Image Courtesy: Arkasubhra Roy

Permit Officers in Gangtok are very helpful and polite with queries and explanations. You will not need any travel agent or middleman at all. The process is very simple and you just need to follow the steps I have explained below.

Documents Required for Permit

Original Documents that you need to keep with you while applying for North Sikkim and East Sikkim Permit are:

  1. Motorcycle Registration Certificate/Card.
  2. Valid Insurance Certificate for Motorcycle.
  3. Valid Pollution Certificate of Motorbike.
  4. Driving license of Rider.
  5. Valid Identity Proof of Indian Citizenship of Rider.
    [Note: Aadhar Card is not accepted. Read the explanation below]
  6. Valid Indian Citizenship Identity Proof Pillion/Co-rider/Co-travelers.
  7. Two or Three Passport Size, Color photographs for both Rider and Pillion/Co-rider.
  8. Letter of authorization if the bike is rented from a local bike-renting agency.

How to Apply for North Sikkim Permits

North Sikkim permits involve two steps. You will need both Protected Area Permit and Check Post Passes when you are traveling on your bike or car. You will get them at the same location at different counters.

Process for Protected Area Permit

Take three sets of photocopies of all these original documents along with passport size color photographs and group them into three separate sets. Take all these documents and go to the counter at Tourism Permit Office. Tell them that you need a form for Motorbike Permit. They will give you a blank form in which you need to mention the details asked. You will have to fill in your Name, Co-riders’ name, ID card details, Motorbike Details and Model of Bike, the intended number of days to visit, and the proposed route.

In our case, the pillion only had his Aadhar card with him. The permit officer refused to entertain Aadhar Card as valid citizenship proof as the matter is still pending in the Supreme Court. He had to get his voter ID card through WhatsApp. We printed it, took photocopies, and applied it again. It worked. However, make sure you carry either a copy of your Passport or Voter ID card with you. Aadhar Card, Pan Card, or Driving License is not valid citizenship proof.

Note that you must return before your permit expires. You can add an extra day to the permit as it will be a safe option. You will need a minimum of 3 days’ permit to visit the North Sikkim route up to Gurudongmar Lake and then Zero Point. Hence apply for at least 3 days permit. However, I would strongly advise you to add an extra day as it doesn’t cost anything and gives you flexible options along with the peace of mind. So write 4 days in the permit form. The price of the Permit form is INR 10 only. Yes, Ten Rupees Only. However, for East Sikkim, the permit charge is INR 200.

There is no additional charge for the North Sikkim permit. The data are from 2018 so recheck in the forums or comments section below to get the latest information.

tourism permit ILP RAP permit bike permit gangtok
People and Agents applying for Sikkim Permits

After you fill out the form, submit it back to the counter along with two sets of all the photocopies that I mentioned earlier and two photographs each of the rider and co-rider/pillion if any. Considering the route is remote and wild, they (usually) don’t allow solo riders. You must join along with the group of other riders who come to submit their permit form or should have a pillion rider. Expedition groups are allowed to include solo riders.

After you submit the form along with all photocopies and photographs, come and collect it the next day in the morning. Some websites claim that it will be done the same day if you submit before 11 am. This is incorrect information and was valid for the older permit center at Manan Bhavan.

After applying for a permit, we went to the counter the next day and were asked to return at 2 PM after lunch. At 2 PM we got the initial permit which is a Yellow Page (along with a set of all photocopied documents and our passport size photographs) with all the details of the journey and the travelers/bikers. It looks like this:

North Sikkim Motorcycle Trip Permit
Protected Area Permit Order for Sikkim

The Tourist Officer (Permit) will guide you to the next step. Sometimes it gets confusing with so many documents so I have explained the next procedure below.

Process for Check Post Permits and Pass

There is a counter right next to this which will issue your final permit. The counter opens at 4 PM. Everyone rushes to get their final permit done for the next day. This counter on the same premise is of “Office of ADGP (Additional Director General of Police), Check Post Branch, Gangtok”. There are two or three small windows marked for Permits for North Sikkim and Permit for East Sikkim.

Note that even the normal tourists going on an organized tour to the North Sikkim or East Sikkim have to apply for a permit. Either by themselves or usually through agents for an individual permit. The counter may get crowded. But don’t panic as the crowd clears very fast.

Stand in the queue and wait for your turn or just put your paper that you got from the previous permit counter on the relevant window and they will keep it below the bunch of other applicants. When your turn comes, the police officer will gently shout your name. They may or may not ask any questions like do you know the route? Is your motorbike fit enough for your safety? We saw that they made one family write an application as they were traveling in their vehicle. The vehicle was Mahindra Scorpio – 2 Wheel Drive. The in-charge police personnel did not want to send them at his own risk. Final clearance for permit stays under his authority. Ultimately the police just ensure that your journey should be safe and smooth.

Once this process is done, which usually takes around 30 minutes, you will get the final checkpoint permit which looks like this:

North and east Sikkim police permit for bike
Second Permit issued by Check Post Branch, Office of ADGP – Take 5 copies of this.

So now keep this white permit paper from Check Post Branch along with Yellow Permit Paper from Tourism Permit Branch. Take at least 5 copies of them. You will have to submit a photocopy at various checkpoints on the route. Also, they will stamp it as you cross checkpoints. Keep the original with you and a set of all the documents and photographs stapled to it. While returning the last check post will keep the original with them.

Checklist and Route Option for North Sikkim:

When you go to North Sikkim follow this route:

Gangtok > Chungthang > Stay overnight in Lachen > Leave 5 AM – 6 AM for Gurudongmar Lake > Back to Lachen by 3 PM – 4 PM > Leave for Lachung > Stay overnight in Lachung > Leave early morning for Yumthang, Yumesamdong, Zero Point > Back to Lachung > Stay overnight in Lachung > Leave next day or the day after for Gangtok.

Here is the first part of your journey on the map below. Reach Lachen by evening and take a rest. Leave early morning to Gurudongmar and come back by early evening and Leave for Lachung the same day.

Once you reach Chungthang, head towards Lachung and stay there overnight. I strongly suggest you spend a day in Lachung itself. It’s absolutely beautiful with the mountains standing tall right in your face and waterfalls cascading through it. The next day morning leave for Yumthang Valley and Zero Point. Return by early evening for safety. Follow the map below for Chungthang to Zero Point route map.

Important Points to Remember on North Sikkim Road Trip

Do not deviate from the standard route. The entire North Sikkim is a sensitive area. There is a massive presence of the Armed Forces and deviating from the main route is against the law. Fill up your fuel tank in Chungthang. Carry an additional 5 liters in spill-proof hard plastic bottles if needed. Bottled water is not welcome in North Sikkim. Carry a refillable water bottle.

Occasionally, high waterfalls cascade on the road so is careful as it can be slippery. Wear proper riding boots or buy gumboots in Gangtok itself. Respect laws and the environment. Do not take photographs in Military Areas. Don’t ride in a hurry. Food is expensive and usually tasteless in North Sikkim. Carry some cakes/bread/dry fruits and chocolates for yourself. Also, keep essential medicines like Diamox (for altitude sickness).
See List of Meds for a road trip.

Earlier they used to provide six different envelopes for various checkpoints. Now, the paperwork is made efficient and only two main permits are needed. Many websites and blogs have not updated their information and are confusing and misleading to new travelers.

Additional Tip: While returning if you want to avoid Gangtok then take the alternate route. It is Singtam-Dikchu Road which goes down along the river Teesta. Leave the NH 310A which will take you back to Gangtok. This will save you quite a lot of time and distance. Singtam-Dikchu is a new scenic route along the river. Here is a link to the alternate route while returning to avoid Gangtok.

With Permits for North Sikkim and East Sikkim done, Also read about the other things that you should be preparing for this adventure & beautiful trip.

Additional Read and Useful Links:-
Sikkim Tourism Official FAQ
Check the latest Road Status [Regularly Updated]
Protected and Restricted Area Permits
Apply for Sikkim Travel Card here

Latest Update and Road Status for Sikkim Entry

Note: Most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. All areas of Sikkim are open to vaccinated tourists.

Don’t forget to scroll below and read the latest comments. Many informative responses will help you plan your Sikkim Trip and Permit process. Leave a comment if there is any query or doubt and we will respond ASAP.

Infographics for North Sikkim Permit

North Sikkim Permit Infographics. Click to Download.

Here is a video while I was going to Yumthang Valley from Lachung. Yumthang is around 26 kilometers from Lachung. You can get a general idea about road conditions from this video. More videos from the Sikkim motorbike trip are available on the motologs YouTube channel.

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  1. Very Useful. सिक्किम permit made easy.

  2. Do they give permits for the bike for North Sikkim and East Sikkim together.? Or do we need to come back from North Sikkim and then collect permission for East Sikkim.?

    • From what I understand that you need to come back and apply for other permit. Permits are given only a day in advance which means you can’t cover both routes on the same day. However you can ask a tour agent to get it done for you and it will be ready when you are returning from first leg of journey. I met this guy ‘Vivek’ who said he does these kind of permit related things but I did not take his service. Here is his contact info in case you want to try it 9679900110.

  3. We have similar plans of doing it. Can you please check and advise. I have went thru many travelogues to prepare this plan.

    Day 1 – Morning 10 AM take train to NJP
    Day 2 – Mid night reach NJP. Get the bike ready for next day ride.
    Day 3-Fri – Early morning reach Rongli check post for silk route permit. Continue to Zuluk. Halt
    Day 4-Sat – Nathang Valley, Kupup, Tsomgo lake and halt in Gangtok. Understand Nathula Pass permit is not provided in Rongli, so will skip it.
    Day 5 -Sun – Assume you already have permit thru travel operator, start early to reach Lachen or Thangu (as you suggested in your itinerary).
    Day 6 – Mon – Visit Gurudongmar Lake, thangu valley and halt in Lachung
    Day 7 – Tue – Visit Yumthang and Zero point and return to Gangtok
    Day 8 – Wed – Halt or Visit Ravangla, Yuksom and Namchi, halt. This day is completely flexible.
    Day 9 – Thu – Wed or thursday can be spare day or local sightseeing of Gangtok. Day 8 and 9 can be flexible for rest or local sightseeing or West sikkim visit or if Nathula Pass is not to be missed, will try that.
    Day 10 – Fri – Catch noon or night train to reach Chennai on Sunday morning or noon.

    I have quite a few questions. So apologize for troubling you.

    1. We are transporting the bike. So assume we will be all set to start in the morning, heard the Permit for the Silk route excluding Nathula Pass is very quick. Taking halt in Zuluk because all these planning started first by seeing the pictures of Zuluk. Is it ok to start this way?
    2. For the North Sikkim permits, do we need to be there or say if i book my stay in Gangtok in advance and share all documents, can they collect the permits for me in advance? If i need to get it in person 1 or 2 day is required right?
    3. We are 2 bikes and 3 people, flexible for any month, so from a biker point of view, which are the best months to travel?
    4. Our priority in East and North Sikkim, so if there will be delays in permit we can always exclude the west sikkim plan and continue. But Friday we need to start back to Chennai. Do you think this itinerary is feasible.
    5. What special attention required in a biker point of you? for the bike, riding time, things to carry.
    6. Suppose if we go directly to Gangtok on Friday, again can the tour operator or hotel can arrange permit for East or North sikkim before we reach there? Or if we need to be in person, it the offices are open late on friday and Saturday. Assume we will reach Gangtok only by noon.
    7. Do you have any contact is gangtok to arrange for permits?
    8. Suggest the accommodations, based on your experience. If possible with price.
    9. Last question, If by any change can these be done SOLO. Are permits provided? I don’t want to go all the way up there and just visit Gangtok and come back 🙂

    Await your response and feel free to add any additional suggestions.

    • Itinerary looks good to go. But you need to ensure that you get your permits in advance, if you are not spending time in Gangtok at the start.

      The first problems starts with Bikes being delivered late if you don’t use train cargo services.
      To answer your specific queries:
      1) You should leave early in morning to reach and come back from zuluk. You can’t reach Gangtok via Zuluk route as the road goes through border aea side and you will need permit for Nathula. Also it’s election time so there will be more strict rules I believe.
      2) For permits it better to be there personally. As the officer may reject permit on any ground and you won,t be there to convince him. I saw a case where he was not allowing 2WD Car for North Sikkim. The applicant had to write additional application. Stay for a night in Sikkim at arrival. As while coming back you can skip Gangtok by taking alternate route downhill to Siliguri. If you apply today, you will get permit tomorrow morning.
      3) The North is covered under snow for Winter starting New Year. Check reports for live and predictive weather. The best time is April as the flowers are in bloom covering entire valley. Also the roads are relatively settled and mostly dry. The waterfalls have just right amount of spray. Avoid rainy season as entire north Sikkim is hazardous landslide zone during rainy season.
      5)Don’t rush, Don’t be fast at curves in mountains. 150cc solo is just enough to get you up there. For an auto experience ride 200cc+. Use pass lights and horn. Carry gumboots, proper riding gear. it gets chilly up there in any season. ALWAYS, ANTICIPATE NEXT 5 SECONDS ON ROAD. Never overtake local public buses as they run with jet engines, quite literally. Take lots of small breaks. Enjoy the scenery around. When you are riding concentrate on road. Carry extra clutch and brake cables. It will be very cold at high altitudes. Literally bone freezing at times. So take proper thermals.
      6) If you reach by noon then you cant apply on that day as the quota for next day is already closed in morning itself.
      7) I have already commented to a query: “I met this guy ‘Vivek’ who said he does these kind of permit related things but I did not take his service. Here is his contact info in case you want to try it 9679900110.”
      8) Please refer to google and mmt reviews for an idea of locality. Get a hotel downhill from Ranka. Its fun to use local taxis to come up the hill and going down as it’s a steep slope.
      9) Yes all this can be done solo. Just go there and stand at the office before it opens. there will be many other solo bikers and groups. Just tag along with them. Note: Get you separate permit but just put name of a corider from other solo or group. I would never ever advise anyone to do this entire stretch solo as it’s really wild and sometimes dangerous. When there is more than one person there is always a possibility of rescue.

      cheers, bon voyage

    • how you managed to Transport the bike if you can share information and price

      • I rode all the way from home. It’s like 500km (8-9 hours including breaks). You can transport your bike through Railway to Jalpaiguri Station and can ride onwards from there.

  4. I am solo rider. What can i do for my permit because you said they don’t provide permits to solo rider.

  5. Hi,

    I am planning on going to Zuluk on my bike with 3 other friends and everything looks fine but I am worries about the permit.

    I am going on my own bike and my friend will do the same. Can I go and get the permit 7 days in advance for all of my friends if I have all the documents?

  6. Hi,
    I read your details explanation and it’s very helpful.
    Please guide me, I will reach Gangtok with my bike and a PILLION rider on 22nd November at 9am approx and will submit for permit on same day for East Sikkim including Nathula. 22nd Nov is Friday. I want visit Nathula on 23rd. Is it possible?

  7. Hellow.
    Your oost is exactly what i was looking for.
    I am from Bangladesh and being a biker i want to travel the routes of sikkim with a hired bike myself,along with some of my rider friends,maybe a group of 8/10 people.
    Would you be so kind to let me know
    1.Foreigners allowed to ride bikes in sikkim?i know that i will get permits for some places and for some i wont(gurudongmarlake,zuluk)
    2.If i get a permit to ride bike,being a foreigner, what documents do i need?
    3.If i allowed to ride bikes,what type of bikes are available and which one should i hire for safe and smooth travel?
    4.Do i need to keep a guide with my team to get access with bikes to various places?

    And what else should i know??
    It would be great if you could reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Legally speaking you need to have an international drivers license to ride outside your home country. Usually you can apply for it in your home country before you plan your trip.

      The documents needed are already mentioned in the post. Also you need to carry your original passport and additional photocopies of all the relevant documents. It would be easier for you if you can hire a local guide for the route.
      All kinds of bikes are available but what matters is how experienced are you while driving through bumpy, skiddy and hilly terrain. Anything below 150cc would be insufficient. Bike renting agencies usually prove Bullet (350cc / 500cc), Pulsar (150cc / 200cc) etc. I recommend Pulsar or any 150cc+ bike for an inexperienced rider as Bullet is heavy.
      Being a foreign national and venturing into sensitive terrain it would always be advisable to hire a guide for smooth experience. However it is not compulsory.

  8. a good and detailed writing indeed…
    Thanks rider + writer…
    just keep writing in such a detailed and spcific way…

    best wishes from the core for your next ride…

  9. It is a nice write up.Me and my two other friends are arriving at Siliguri in April 1st week and planning for 8 days in sikkim. Our plan is Siliguri- Zuluk- Nanthang- Gangtok-Dzongu- Lachen-Gurudongmar-Kaalapathar-Lachen-Lachung-Zero point- katao- Gangtok/Pelling-Siliguri
    My questions are:
    1)My friends want to rent an Activa from siliguri and explore sikkim east and north. Is Activa ok for the terrain?And what are all the things needs to be taken care of using Activa?
    2)Do the bike rental agency in siliguri help us with the permits?
    3)We need permit for Dzongu. How to get that and from where?
    4)Are rental bikes allowed in Dzongu?

  10. Hi . Thanks for the informative write up.
    Myself and two other friends are planning to travel sikkim starting in April 1st week for 8 days. Our rough plan is
    Siliguri-Zuluk-Nanthang-Gangtok-Nathula-Gangtok- Dzongu-Lachen-Gurudongmar-Kaalapathar-Lachen-Lachung-Zero point-Katao-Gangtok/Pelling- Siliguri.

    My questions are:
    1)My friends want to explore using Activa. Is Activa ok for the terrain? Things to be taken care if using Activa?
    2) Do the bike rental agencies help with permits?
    3) How to apply permit for Dzongu and from where?
    4)Are we allowed to reach Gangtok if riding thru Zuluk- from Siliguri?
    5)If we have to apply permits by ourselves, Can I apply for permits on behalf of my friends or do they need to be present?
    6) Are rental bikes allowed in all the above said places?


    • Congratulations on your plan to visit Sikkim on a bike trip. If you postponed it due to COVID then you can visit as soon as the situation gets normal. Now to answer your queries:
      1) Activa is a good scooter but they are not meant for hilly up-climbs and offroads. To do steep climbs you need more torque in bike. I suggest not to drive into remote areas on activa as it will be extremely challenging because of lack of torque and low ground clearance. However there are many people who have done even Leh-Ladakh on Activa. Remember that safety should always be number one priority.
      2) Yes, if you hire bike from Rental agency they will help with permits. But beware of scams and make sure you get a problem free bike with all clean papers. Cross check registration number and challans on mParivahan app. Take a test drive of at least 5-10km before finalizing. Click photos from all angle to ensure no unwanted claim is made later by the dealer.
      3) Dzongu is a restricted area, so a special permit has to be procured in addition to the Sikkim Inner line Permit. Permit for Dzongu is issued at Mangan, the north District Headquarters. You can also contact Local Registered tour operators for it.
      4) If riding thru Zuluk- from Siliguri, you will be stopped at a checkpost where you will get the instant permits.
      5) You can apply for friend’s permit but will need all required original documents. Please be aware that the officer incharge may also deny permit. But in most cases it gets through without any hassle.
      6) Yes, Rental Bikes from tourism department approved agencies are allowed anywhere in sikkim.

  11. Any suggestions that what should we do, untill we got the Permit..??

    • There are quite a few things to do while you wait to get your permits.
      Go for Cable Car Ride, Go to M.G. Marg and enjoy Local Cuisine or just sit there and people watch, Go to
      Himalayan Zoological Park. If none of these interest you then just ride around or walk and enjoy coffee/tea at local places just outside city. Use any app to meet locals and make new friends.

  12. Is there any instruction for COVID and related test before entering sikkim? Thanks for the detailed article. Its very helpful for first time traveler like myself.

  13. Sir, is it permit bike with pillion presently for tsongmo lake, nathula pass and zuluk?

    • I just checked (2-Jan-2021) with a local source who confirmed that permits are being issued for all destinations in Sikkim. Pillion rider is being allowed for motorcycle. However be warned that if it snows anytime around then the roads blocked in Old Silk Route – Zuluk. You can visit up to Tsongmo Lake or beyond if roads are clear. If it snows heavily then road access will be blocked around Gnathang area. As an alternative, you will be able to reach uptil Dzuluk from Gangtok – Rongli side if that’s where you wish to drive.
      Wishing you a safe ride.

  14. very very helpful information. thanks a lot

  15. Is the permit office closed in sunday

  16. I’m planning to go to sikkim by my bike..
    But my bike’s papers named by my father’s name..
    And my dad died in 2019.. What should i do? Can i get the permit?

    • If you have the registration card (RC) and proper documents then there is no problem. The bike need not be mandatorily in your name. RC, DL, Pollution Certificate, and Bike Insurance are all you need.

  17. Thank You so very much..

  18. In winter sikkim govt allow pass for zero point on bike

  19. I want to go via bike but the bike is on my brothers name. I have the authorization paper, can I get the permit for east sikkim ?

    • You just need to have the original Registration Certificate (RC card). No problem with the bike being registered in your brother’s name. Just carry all relevant documents. For the worst-case scenario ask your brother to write an authorization letter for use of his bike. But to the best of my knowledge, there is no problem is using anyone’s bike if it has proper documents. When rental agencies give bikes they need to give an authorization letter to the customer. But rental bikes come with yellow number plates indicating commercial use.

      Sample authorization letter (can ask to write and send you a WhatsApp scan which you can print locally):

      To .. (insert relevant authority designation)…
      I allow/authorize my motorcycle registered in my name with Reg No. …. Eng. no… Chass. no… etc to be used by *insert name* with DL-ID number ….. to be used for road-trip in north/east Sikkim between *insert dates*. I bear full responsibility for the same.
      Thanking You…
      *Your Brother’s Name*
      Bike Reg Number
      Bro’s DL number
      Sign and Date.

  20. We are planning a Sikkim tour this year,

    We have two authorization bikes but we have all the original documents. Can we do the permit in Gangtok with those documents? Will we be given the permit for the authorized bike?
    Please help me…..

    • Yes, Just carry all the original documents as mentioned and there will be no problem. Only commercial bikes with yellow number plate needs ‘letter of authorization’ from the bike rental agencies. No problem for private bikes.
      You only need the original registration certificate (RC) (no problem even if it’s not registered in your name), valid insurance for bike, pollution under control certificate (PUC), and driving licence of the person who will ride the bike and ID cards of all the members. The staff at the permit office are really helpful and courteous.

  21. Is it possible now to take a bike which is registered in my father’s name… ????

    • Yes. No problem. Just carry all original documents and photocopies. Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance, Pollution certificate (PUC), Driver’s Licence, ID proof.

  22. Does they provide north Sikkim permit to scooty?

    • Am not sure but a 125cc scooty or more should not have any difficulty getting permit for North Sikkim. Don’t attempt it on a Scooty Pep or other under powered scooty.

  23. Good guidance . Can you please guide me about Citizenship document ? I don’t have passport

  24. Mohammad Tohid Hussain

    Very informative. No need to follow anything else. Best wishes

  25. Me and my wife are planning to go to Sikkim in May. We plan to ship our bike from Pune to Silliguri and start from there.
    You mentioned they don’t allow solo riders.
    Would they allow just the two of us on a single bike ? ( Ktm adv 390 )

  26. I want to go in winter next year .And Sikkim us my first bike riding.So can you help me with some information- Number 1 can I ride north Sikkim,east sikkim only two person( Rider and pillion),any risky?

    • You can ride in North and East Sikkim after getting the permit from Gangtok. A rider with a pillion is okay and there will be no problem getting the permit. I myself have done many rides with only a pillion without a group. The roads are bad in some parts due to landslides. If you are an experienced rider then there will be no problem. Drive slow in the mountains and be careful on slippery roads. Wear proper riding safety gear with good shoes. Shoes with good grip are a must as most inexperienced riders drive with flat sole running shoes. Use trail running shoes or riding boots. There is no risk in driving in north or east Sikkim if you drive safely.

  27. I have heard permits are not being issued to rental bikes, especially from outside Sikkim. Is this trure? We plan to rent from Siliguri, so would those bikes be wllowed to north/east Sikkim?

  28. Hello
    Very nicely written and informative blog. I am planning a solo ride to North Sikkim on 2nd/3rd Week of October.
    Can you advise on the following questions pls
    1. Will it be illegal to ride solo after getting permit to ride with pillion / Other rider. Will it be a problem in the check gates if they found you alone without your fellow riders/ Pillion
    2. Is it necessary to pre book hotels in Lachen and Lachung or are they easily available.
    regards and thanks in advance

    • Thanks
      1- When you get permit the names of both pillion and driver is mentioned in permit. So you will be asked where is your pillion as being remote mountain area there are chances of accidents. Offcourse it will be an issue when your pillion is missing while it’s mentioned on permit. Better tag along with another group if there’s no pillion.
      2. Plenty of hotels in Lachung and Lachen. Do not pre book. Most of them are offline hotels. You can get better rates and negotiate there itself. A simple room will cost you less than 600 to 800 per night for two pax.

  29. This is a really informative post, and it is informing me that I’ll have to choose my route carefully. As I am in the country for work I’ve arranged to fly back a bit later which allows me Sunday & Monday as full days to ride, I’m planning to just do day trips ending back in Darjeeling each night. Are there any resources I should be looking at for route planning so I can understand where I can ride legally, I don’t think I’ll have time to get permits but I have no problem doing 250km in a day for nice all day loop.

  30. Authorised bikes are allow?

  31. Lawmsangzuala Chhangte

    We just did East Sikkim ride, we stayed at Lungthung for three nights. My question is, is it mandatory to apply permits only through tour agencies? Because, they told us like this and the tour agencies applied for us, we paid 1500 per head

    • If you have your own vehicle then you can ride to Sikkim and get the permit all by yourself. If it’s an arranged tour by any tour-agency then they will do it on your behalf. In any case 1500 per head is ridiculous.

  32. Hi, Very nicely written and informative blog.. Sir, I wana go Sikkim from Kolkata so is their any place ( like only silk road or Tambi view point ) that I can visit without any bike permit in Sikkim ?

  33. What about foreigner Bike permission? Like if i am came from Bangladesh & i wanna rent a bike for sikkim travel purpose? Is it possible?

  34. can we rent a bike from siliguri??

  35. Hey man, we are trying to do the same? Any luck?

  36. Karma Sherab Dorje

    Does anybody know the fee for a PAP for foreign nationals? Is it also INR 200, or more?
    Just a approximate info is fine for me, does not have to be exact.

  37. Hello, I am from Nepal having nepalese driving license and own bike and planning to visit Darjeeling and Sikkim in own Bike having registration in Nepal. Can I get permit to travel to restricted areas like Zuluk, Gurudongmar and Nathula?

    • Hi, foreign registered bikes are not allowed in North Sikkim and Zuluk area. However you can visit Darjeeling and Gangtok. Can rent another bike locally to visit North Sikkim

  38. Hi, i wanna go to east sikkim with my bike. and the bike is my mother’s name. can permit possible?

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