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Documents and Permit Required for Bhansar - Entering Nepal by Bike or Car
Bhansar Office at India-Nepal Border

Bhansar Permit and Documents Required for Entering Nepal by Bike or Car

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Nepal is the most accessible country for Indians. Indians don’t need a visa or passport to travel to Nepal. The pristine rugged Himalayan mountains and the many valleys spread throughout makes it a top destination for road trips. The demanding terrain provides an adventure of a lifetime in Nepal. You need good driving skills to negotiate the remote locations on your motorcycle or car as the roads are mostly non-existent. In this blog post, you will find out the list of documents and the Bhansar permit required for entering Nepal by bike or car.

India-Nepal Border Entry Experience

I have crossed India-Nepal Border at four different locations over my Road Trips to Nepal from India on a motorbike. Each time it was a unique experience to cross the border. At the Indo-Nepal border, some entry points have less hassle than others. Here in this post, you will find detailed information that you may need to travel to Nepal from India by road, in your vehicle.

There are over 20 major and minor border crossings between India and Nepal. Not all border crossings can be used to enter Nepal on an India-registered private bike or car. Some of the crossings are only for cargo vehicles. The official name for these India to Nepal border crossings is Integrated Check Posts (ICP). Integrated Check Posts process cargo, customs as well as immigration from different countries.

In this article, I am mentioning only the important Check Posts where you can enter Nepal from India after getting a ‘bhansar’ permit. You can find a list of all major and minor Border Entry Points from India to Nepal here.

Bhansar Permit office at Bhittamore in Sitamarhi, Bihar - Jaleshwor in Mahottari, Nepal
Border Crossing – Bhansar Permit Process

List of major India – Nepal Border Crossing Entry Points

  • Banbasa in Champawat district, Uttarakhand, India – Kanchanpur District, Sudurpashchim Pradesh, Nepal
  • Sonauli in Maharajganj district, Uttar Pradesh, India – Siddharthanagar in Rupandehi District, Nepal
  • Raxaul in East Champaran district, Bihar, India – Birgunj, Nepal
  • Bhittamore in Sitamarhi, Bihar – Jaleshwor in Mahottari, Nepal
  • Bhimnagar in Supaul, Bihar – Bhantabari-Haripur in Sunsari, Nepal (via Kosi barrage)
  • Jainagar in Madhubani, Bihar – Inarwa Phulbariya in Saptari, Nepal
  • Pipraun in Madhubani, Bihar – Jatahi-Nagarain in Dhanusa Nepal
  • Mirik in Darjeeling, West Bengal– Pashupatinagar, Ilam, Nepal

What is a Bhansar permit?

Bhansar is like a visa for vehicles to enter Nepal. To cross the border from India to Nepal on your vehicle like a motorcycle or car you will need a permit called Bhansar. Bhansar refers to the official name for the permit required for a private vehicle to legally enter Nepal. The form to be filled contains details like the registration number of the motorcycle/car/vehicle, duration of stay in Nepal, engine cc, and your details.

Bhansar Permit and Documents Required for Entering Nepal by Bike or Car
Bhansar – Private Vehicle Custom Duty to Enter Nepal

How to get Bhansar Permit?

The word, ‘Bhansar’ literally translates to ‘custom duty’ in the Nepali language. Once you reach the Border Check Post just walk to the Bhansar Counter and tell them that you need to apply for ‘Bhansar’. At some Bhansar Office, the official will fill the form for you after checking relevant documents. But at some crossings, they will ask you to fill yourself. There will be a few middlemen or agents who may approach you to help in return for some money. Since the forms to be filled are in the Nepali language, they take advantage of the situation. Do not overpay them and negotiate. In any case, they should not charge anything more than INR 150.

Best Border-Crossing and Entry Point between India and Nepal

The best crossing between India and Nepal is the one closest to your location. However, the experience will be slightly different at various border crossings. I had a smooth experience at the Bhittamore-Jaleshwor border crossing while having to pay middlemen to fill out the form at the Raxaul-Birgunj border. Avoid the Raxaul-Birgunj border crossing as it is a major crossing and there is a kilometers-long queue of trucks and heavy vehicles waiting to get customs clearance. This often leads to long traffic jams on dusty border roads. The roads are pathetic at their best. In contrast, the Bhittamore-Jaleshwor crossing is only for lighter vehicles and there’s no waiting. The officials filled the form themselves and there were no middlemen.

Documents Required for Bhansar – Entering Nepal by Bike or Car

Indians don’t need a visa or passport to enter Nepal. However, if you are traveling on your motorcycle or car then you need to apply for the Bhansar permit for your vehicle. Carry the original copy of the following documents to get Bhansar Permit:

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate – RC
  2. Vehicle Insurance Paper in Original with Stamp – Insurance
  3. Driving Licence – DL
  4. Pollution Under Control Certificate – PUC
  5. Any Government Approved ID card like Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Card

Always carry more than one ID card as sometimes Aadhar or PAN card is not accepted as valid proof of citizenship. Once the official rejected my vehicle Insurance paper as it did not have a physical stamp on it as it was a digital copy. It took a lot of requests to make him understand that it was a valid original copy and insurance papers are now issued online. Digital copies don’t come with physical stamps. Now, I make sure that I get my Insurance locally and paper stamped from the insurance company.

Fees/Charges/Price for Bhansar Permit

The price for Bhansar Permit is INR 70 or NPR 110 per day for Motorcycles and INR 314 per day or NPR 500 per day for Cars.

Vehicle TypeBhansar
for 1 day in NPR
for 7 Days in NPR
Motorcycle110770Rs 70
Car5003500Rs 314
Bhansar Price

The payment for Bhansar can be done in Indian currency. The forms are available for free but at some places, the official may ask you to pay a small amount. At some entry points, the official may ask the Bhansar Price to be paid in Nepalese currency and then charge you some extra money for it. Do not give in to the corrupt demands and officials will accept the Indian currency.

Conversion Rates for Indian Rupees to Nepali Currency:

NPR = Nepali Rupees and INR = Indian Rupees.
Conversion rate: 1 INR = 1.6 NPR

Bhansar Price for entry in Nepal
Bhansar Payment Receipt

Extension and Penalty for Bhansar Permit

Keep a day or two extra in your hands in case you are not sure that you will return on time. The road condition in remote areas is perilous and regular roadblocks occur due to landslides. There is a heavy penalty if you keep the vehicle in Nepal even after the expiry of Bhansar. In case of unforeseen circumstances contact the nearest Nepalese Customs Office (Bhansar) for an extension of the period of the ‘Pass’. In Kathmandu, the extension of the pass can be done at the Nepal Customs office at Tribhuvan international Airport Cargo complex. You do not need to come to the border and re-enter Nepal to get a Bhansar extension. Any vehicle which is found without valid Bhansar will be confiscated permanently.

Indian registered vehicles are allowed to stay in Nepal for a total of 30 days only in a calendar year and cannot stay in Nepal for more than 30 days in all in a year, even on payment of charges. A maximum of 7 to 8 days of Bhansar permit is issued at once. For the extension of Bhansar, you must come back to the border or customs office in Kathmandu.

The police officials inspect vehicles and documents in many places and you must present all the documents along with Bhansar when demanded. Keep the documents in a waterproof bag or travel pouch.

Read Additional information and Resources:

Update: All Entry Points have been opened for fully vaccinated tourists and citizens from 21 September 2021. Bhansar is being issued at all land border entry points. Carry Vaccination certificates if needed.

This concludes Bhansar Permit and Documents Required for Entering Nepal by Bike or Car. Let us know if you have any doubts and we will be happy to clarify.

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  1. Thanks you for the detailed information on obtaining bike permit to enter Nepal. How much time it takes for the bhansar paperwork at the border?

    • If there’s no queue then it will only take 5 minutes for the official to verify the documents and give the bhansar permit. However, at some border crossings where there is a long queue like the Raxaul border, it may take around an hour. Sometimes officials knowingly delay to force you to bribe some money. Customs may check your bags for prohibited substances but in most cases they just let the bikers go.

  2. What’s the maximum number of days for bhansar permit?

    • You may apply for up to 30 days of Bhansar permit. However, be aware that you won’t be eligible to get permit for that vehicle again at any point in time that year. India registered vehicles can only stay in Nepal for a total of 30 days in a calendar year.

  3. Thanks for the bhanwar permit post. Very informative and helpful.

  4. i want my drilling machine for solar work, from Rajasthan to Nepal so what process of entry

  5. Contact local authority for detailed information regarding commercial activity. You can send email to Bhansar Permit Office.

  6. Jamshedpur car is allowed in nepal

  7. Is border open to travel in a private car? I am planning to go on Oct 11th from Delhi.

    • I can confirm that from 21/09/21 Bhansar permits are being issued for fully vaccinated people. You can enter Nepal in your car. I know a person who entered Nepal yesterday.

  8. from which border entry place they entered… I want to enter at Raxaul border Bihar

  9. Bhai only aadhar ho to chal jaye ga agar public transport se gye ho aur entery k time pr kya kya dikhana pde ga

    • If you are using public transport or crossing the border by walking across then only Aadhar Card or Voter ID or any other government ID need to be shown at Border Checkpost. No other documents are required. Just carry a photocopy of the Vaccination certificate downloaded from COWIN app.

      (Public transport se border cross karne par ya paidal cross karne pe Sirf ek koi bhi government approved ID card + Vaccination certificate chahiye aur kuch nahi)

  10. Sir I am from dehradun and I want to go Nepal by bike through banbasa border so it is approval now to enter in Nepal by getting permit of bhansar please reply

  11. BIKE Authorization letter (Notary) allow for Nepal permit??

    • Yes. You only need to have a proper registration card and other documents. No problem if the bike is not in your name. Carry an authorization letter. If it is notarized then it’s an added benefit.

  12. Do we also need vehicle permit (yatayat anumati patra) along with the Bhansar as well?

  13. From where should I obtain pollution under control certificate?

  14. Is this the current rate of bhansar for taxi cars

  15. Are they giving permit in December as well because last year they stopped it?

  16. At what time does the permit office opens and closes in kakarvitta? going to pokhara via siliguri in my own vehicle

  17. Thanks for the detailed information much appreciated !
    What about driving…do we need International licence/permit and how’s the driving experience.

  18. xerox copy ley pani bhansar paw cha

  19. Is border open to travel in a private car? I am planning to go on 04th March 2022?

  20. Thanks for the info as it’s really helpful. Just need to know one small thing, in case I am travelling on a bike which is not on my name any additional documents is required in that case ..?

    • No problem. Carry a “Letter of Authorisation” allowing you to use his motorcycle, written and signed by original owner with his driving licence, Registration certificate and ID card photocopy. In most cases they don’t bother to ask and it’s okay.

  21. You recommended the Bhitthamore-Jaleshwor border crossing. How is the condition of the roads connecting to nearest city/town on both sides India and Nepal? I’m from North Bengal so I’ve always and only used the Panitanki-Kakarvita entry. Just want to try something new. Thanks.

    • Road Conditions are better than most entry points at Bhitthamore. It’s pitched all the way upto the borders on both sides. May find some patches potholes but nothing too bad to drive. Also very less crowded and easy to cross over.

  22. Any prior permit is required from Indian RTO for entry of cars? Also Indian Insurance of car valid in Nepal?

    • No prior permit required from RTO. Indian insurance valid only to get Bhansar permit to enter Nepal.
      ( If something happens you can’t claim the insurance as it’s not international insurance.)
      Carry Pollution (PUC), Indian vehicle Insurance paper, Registration paper/card and Driving licence. That’s all you need.

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