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Top 10 Accessories for KTM 890 Adventure

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KTM 890 Adventure is a performance upgrade over the much loved and popular KTM 790 Adventure. The KTM Adventure series bikes are well regarded for their performance, reliability, and popularity among the motorbike riding community. You can read the KTM 790 Adventure vs KTM 890 Adventure specs here. If you have recently purchased KTM 890 Adventure or planning to upgrade then you will find the list of all accessories you may need for your 890 Adv. Read on to find out your Top 10 Accessories for KTM 890 Adventure.

There are multiple manufactures building customized power and performance accessories for the KTM 890 Adventure. Some of these manufacturers complete end-to-end touring and rally solutions while some offer specific accessories or products for the KTM 890 Adventure.

KTM 890 Adventure Accessories List

The major KTM 890 Adventure accessory manufactures are SW-motech, GIVI, and Rottweiler Performance. Besides them, KTM also manufactures and supplies its list of accessories sold as powerparts for the KTM 890 Adventure. The official KTM powerpart accessories include over 100 customizable options for the KTM 890 Adventure motorbike. This includes over 35 luggage options and 40 tools. It also includes dozens of options and upgrades for Navigation, instrumentation, seat, handlebars, exhaust, and more. Here is a complete list of all official KTM 890 Adventure Accessories and it’s variations.

ktm 890 adventure accessories and powerparts list
KTM 890 Adventure Official Accessories and Powerparts

Here is the list of Top 10 Popular accessories for KTM 890 Adventure.

SW-Motech PRO Micro Quick Lock Tank Bag

The SW motech tank bag for KTM 890 Adventure fits on any tank and can be expanded from 3 L to 5 L capacity by using the expandable zipper. It will require a PRO tank ring for attachment and a quick lock. The SW motech tank bag is one of the highest-rated tank bags that is available today. It has been extensively tested by pro motorbikes. You can check the latest price here.

Oxford Premium Adventure Heated Handlebar Grips

For anyone with experience riding in cold conditions knows the importance of well-insulated gloves and a heated grip. Sometimes even a fraction of a second improvement in braking and throttle response can avoid slides or accidents. Warm hands are important for your safety in cold riding conditions. The oxford grips are the most durable and reliable option when it comes to the heated handlebar grips for an adventure motorcycle.

Top Case Carrier

The official top case carrier from KTM power parts is as good as it gets. However, many alternate options are as reliable and sturdy as the official top case mount.

Custom Windshield

The KTM 890 Adventure comes with a windscreen of sufficient height however it may not be perfect for everyone. There are better options available from GIVI and other third-party OEM manufacturers. GIVI itself has multiple options for KTM 890 adventure windshield. It includes a smoked visor, adjustable windscreens, and more. The mounting points for the windscreen on 790 adventure and 890 adventure are the same. Another option to increase the windshield height is by using a deflector.

Crash Protectors

Crash guards are by default the most important accessory for any motorcycle meant for off-roading or dual sports. It saves your bike from expensive repairs in case of a crash or accident. The major protectors include the following:

  • Engine Bash Plate
  • Slide Protectors
  • Radiator Guards

All these come in various configurations of materials and designs. Pick the one best suited for your kind of riding. Never compromise on the quality of crash protectors as they will save you much more in long-term repair costs.

Rally Pack

KTM is providing an optional rally pack addition to the KTM 890 Adventure motorcycle. The rally pack includes an additional rally mode in settings and is complemented by Traction Control spin adjuster (9-stage) and adjustment of the throttle response. This will be useful for hardcore riders and professional rally bikers.

Tech Pack

The TECH PACK includes all software features which are available for the 890 ADVENTURE /R:
Cruise Control

Rear Wheel Work Stand

The KTM 890 Adventure does not come with a center stand. This means you will need a work stand when your bike is standing idle in the garage. This will be useful for doing repairs or oiling the chain. You can pick any reliable paddock stand online but ensure that you check their review and weight ratings before you purchase it. The SPECSTAR Heavy Duty paddock stand is rated for up to 440 pounds for each stand (rear and front). This should be enough for a fully loaded 890 Adventure.

Navigation Upgrade

The inbuilt navigation by Bluetooth will rely on your phone. While doing cross country and remote road trips you will not find consistent signals and that’s where the dedicated GPS Navigation comes in handy. The options from Garmin are tried and tested and rated the best. You can blindly go with Garmin Zumo XT for all navigational requirements. It is the best accessory when it comes to a motorcycle GPS navigation system.

Grunge Brush

Grunge Brush is the cheapest but one of the most important accessories that you will need for your KTM890 Adventure. A clean chain is like a clean mind. The chain of a bike connects the heart and the mind of the bike It must be maintained for optimum performance and rattle-free rides. Always ensure that your motorcycle chain is well lubricated and clean. The grunge brush comes cheap but doesn’t get the plastic ones. Check this aluminum Grunge Brush and it will last you for a long time.

This concludes our list of all the accessories and powerparts for the KTM 890 Adventure. For more details don’t forget to check out the individual links in the article. Do mention your favorite accessory in the comments below.

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