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The Internet is flooded with information. You search something and google will throw up relevant results. MOTOLOGS is dedicated to putting everything about traveling on a motorbike that came from my own experience over the last many years, in one place. You can find information about road trips across four countries viz India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Vietnam. The information available here is from my own experience of doing motorcycle road trips in different countries.

You can find information and tips about the route maps, offbeat trails, documentation, permits, costs, dos and don’ts, unique experiences, itinerary, checklists, resources, and more on this website blog.

About Motologs!

MOTOLOGS translates to the log entries from experiences over motorcycle trips. It is for the new generation motorbike community which does not feel limited by the capacity of the engine. A Liter Class Heart and any motorcycle does the job for them. Join us on the journey as we explore everything that you may need to know before planning your road trips across India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Vietnam. We will be updating it in real-time as we travel.

” The purpose of life is to get up every day and find something to do that excites your spirit “

— Sonal Kashyap

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